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I've been lucky enough recently to get the chance to work on some concepts for the amazing team at Honeydew studio. This is the first glimpse of the elderly inventor Valentino, star of their animated film Levare. You can view a higher res version on the character page. Please head over to support the film by liking and sharing it at Levare the film.

Levare (le-VAH-re)

An elderly inventor, Valentino, lives in a stunning art deco house perched on the side of a cliff in the Italian Alps where his latest creation, a flying machine, remains incomplete and gathers dust. He shares his home with a small mechanical bird he created, named Alida, who springs to life at dawn when her heart, a mysterious white gemstone, is lit by direct sunlight. One day, they are attacked by a ghostly giant raven, Libitina, and struggle to escape her fury.


Here is a couple of concepts that I did for Eclipse Phase recently. The full images are in the misc. page. :)